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On Feb 15, 2008 We received a summons from our Sheriff telling us we were to respond within 14 days to my court (all legit) We filed that we denied any such claims. The amount they were coming after us was $1,795.92.

I hired a lawyer for 275.00 and we won due to them having no info on us and without prejudice meaning they can`t file on the same case again. Well now they are back doing the same thing with a amount of 1,493.21 with different company. I have also hired the same lawyer for the same amount. This time midland funding is telling us they are going to put it through arbitration.

Lawyer is saying that they are now harassing us and they are doing it due to losing the first one against us.This time I do believe we are going to file against them mainly for harassment. I dare them to find something else. I am going to do more research and see what I can find them at fault with they are doing most of this stuff illegally and they need to be stopped. It is a bunch of bull to file in Feb against us and we win the case in March and now it is Sept and it starts all over again.

Also my so called papers came through UPS and you had to sign for it, The cardboard envelope had a off the wall company name on it. I have had enough of this so called company. I believe it is time we play their game.

I have my ball rolling and will NOT stop till I make it stop with my satisfaction of getting back at them.

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I have a similar situation.

Who was the attorney?

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