Business Contact InformationBack To Top Company Name: Midland Credit Management Inc

Encore Capital Group, Inc


Midland Acquisitions Corp

Midland Funding LLC

MRC Receivables Corp

Company Address: 8875 Aero Dr #200

San Diego, CA 92123

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Original Business Start Date: 9/1/1953

Type of Entity: Corporation

Incorporated: 2000 in Kansas

Principal: Brandon Black , C.E.O.

Number of Employees: 800

Phone Number: (858) 560-2600

Fax Number: (858) 309-6977

BBB Accreditation Status: This company is a BBB Accredited Business

Date Joined BBB: 5/1/2000

Type of Business: Financial Services

Collection Agencies

Consumer Finance & Loan Co.

Web Site Address: http://www.mcmcg.com

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Liversedge, England, United Kingdom #48991

Paying by check over the phone is insane. You have just given a person access to your bank account.

This is why most reputable companies are getting away from this.

With online banking, you get away from this. Get a good bank that offers it for free and do your payments online: quick, easy, and safer.

Fobes Hill, Washington, United States #25719

My mortgage was also sold to midland by first horizon. I pay my mortgage through my online banking billpay. I have no problem with my payments to them.

East Jordan, Michigan, United States #24233

my loan also was sold from first horizon.I am also very upset on midland not having online payment and i have to pay through mail which is a worry. I just got a call from midland regarding my payment which was mailed out so now i have to worry about my payment getting lost in the mail ........ ; (

White Meadow Lake, New Jersey, United States #22868

My husband and I are also very upset with this sale to Midland from First Horizon. Every month we phone in our payment to First Horizon and found out today that we cannot do that at Midland.

What a pre-historic company. I have never paid a late fee and do plan on fighting this one. What kind of company in this century only has a mail in payment option? It's like they are some company operating out of a basement office.

And the letter that came from them stated to us that nothing would change with business. What a joke!!!

Bailey, Mississippi, United States #22215

M. Jackson~ I felt your pain this morning when I got out of bed, went to the computer to balance my checkbook and call in my mortgage PYMT like I do every month and low and behold....

they only take checks in the mail. My mortgage was also sold to them this month by first horizon...

I'm thinking about refinancing again just to get away from Midland! I am sooo upset

Kampong Cham, Kampong Cham, Cambodia #22170

My loan was sold to Midland by First Horizon...I knew I was in trouble when they stated that they don't take payments onlline and don't take telephone payments...what kind of mess is that in the 21st century...they're not consumer friendly...

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