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In Sept.2010 I got a call from a co.called Midland Mortgage asking where my payment was. I had no clue who they were. They told me they were my new mortgage co. and that I had been sent a letter and coupon book, never happened. I contacted Wells Fargo, my present co. whom I had a forbearance agreement with and had just paid over $6500.00 to. The said they Midland was my new co. and the money paid would be honored by them. It took until late Oct.for Midland to discuss any arrangements with me and they had no knowledge of the $6500 and kept saying Wells Fargo hadn't transferred it to them yet. I asked each time, contacting them 3or more times a week, "How much do I send and to what address?" By the end of Nov. they started asking me to fax information to them. Each time it was different, with the promise to contact me after they reviewed the info faxed. I always had to call them. They would then request more info. Once it was my daughter's birth certificate, the next time it was a letter written by my 88yr old mother saying she lived with me. 2010ended and nothing was resolved. Jan 2011, I receive notice to appear in court for foreclosure proceedings. I went,the judge was not interested in the fact that they stated I had not paid anything since 12/2009, which was a lie. They also stated they had no record of the $6500 I had paid. The day before court the office told me, "Yes we now have record of that payment, however, it is in a "Suspended" account to cover your foreclosure cost." After appearing in court Jan-Mar at least 6 times, the judge saw from my records I was not as far behind as they stated and they withdrew.

Less then 6wks later I get a summons to appear for forclosure proceedings in May. The end of July the judge allowed the foreclosure and the sale date was set for Sept. The new sale date will be set on Oct.28th only because I filed Chapt7 to stall since we have no place to go.

I owned this house for 14yrs. and before the market went crazy it was valued at 250,000. and I owed 135,000.

I filed with the FTC that did nothing!

I made hundreds of calls to Midland, that did nothing!

I faxed, mailed, verified everything I was asked, nothing!

Now they will have my home and I will have NOTHING!

Monetary Loss: $175.

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I had the somewhat same thing happen to me with Midland Mortgage in 2009, when they put me on a Loan Modification for 6 months and after the 6 months was over I tried to contact them about doing it again because I still had not gotten a Job yet. They never contact me at all.

I had gotten a job that I could my payments again but still didn't contact me. Until I had gotten a company that tried to help me with the loan modification, that when they called me and wanted to work some out. But the loan modification company said that they would that.

When I didn't worked with them, they put the house in foreclosure. :(


I became disabled and was late on 3 payments. Midland was helping me to get on one of their programs.

I sent emails,fax all they needed not just one time but 8 times. Now how stupied is that. Now they cant find any of the my information.(lol) You cant speak to the same person,someone different all the time. Now my house is in foreclosure.

My daughter is trying to buy the home. Guess what cant get the pay-off the lawyers that are handling the case cant seem to get their finger out of their ***..... I am so feed up with m.mortage and all the lawyers.

I have never seen a company that does business like this,makes me ill. :sigh


What is wrong with you people??? I have read so many accounts about how Midland "stole" your homes when you had supposedly made your payments.

However, I have yet to read one claim like this that states, "I provided copies of the front and back of each check made out to Midland and cashed by Midland." Don't any of you realize that YOU bear the onus of proof.

It is not up to the mortgage company (or any other company, for that matter) to prove that you did not make your payment, it is up to you to prove that you did. The vast majority of you are namby-pamby whiners who think that the world (and all its companies, apparently) owes you something.

to MidlandLover Akron, Ohio, United States #1318955

Actually no, the problem is NOT "whiners"...I've had problems with Midland MANY times over the years that my family has had to deal with them even though the ONLY time we've had "finacial trouble" was when my wife had to go thru cancer & chemo. We REGULARLY pay our mortgage, typically well ahead of time.

One re-occurring problem for example is that Midland claims it takes them up to a month...OR receive payments, which is pure b.s..

The odd thing is, if said payment was sent with a receipt to prove delivery, then they somehow get it in just 7 - 14 days just like everyone else. No, my family never lost our house the way a few poor souls have (and your lack of human compassion is rather astounding), but such behavior on Midland's part does NOT surprise me...they do in fact have a well earned reputation for trying to screw people over!


Are you aware that filing bankruptcy only delays the foreclosure process? Unless you hire a great attorney and have copies of all your checks/payments then your screwed. Good Luck!

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