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I was the victim of huricane dolly and now I guess I am the victim of this mafia style mortgage co.called Midland Mortgage Co.

I don't know how they hustled or muscled their way to overtake my previouse mortage carrier but these goons did, not only are they going back to a stone age way of accepting payments, now they are telling me that they will hold my check hostage until I show proof I am fixing my roof with the cheap funds another hustler, Farmers Insurance gave to replace an entire roof.

If you have or plan to have this company, get away from it, do what I am going to do my and try to find another mortgage co., however I am just a victim of the system and this company has me my the you know what.DON'T GO WITH MIDLAND...YOU'LL REGRET IT

Monetary Loss: $60.

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tip of the day: pay your bill on time and you will avoid late fees.Mailing it regular mail on the 14th and expecting it to get there the 15th is ***.

Half the people that complain on here about mortgage companies are ***.

The other half are trying to avoid responsibility and make it look like its the banks fault.:(


I have had a ton of bad experiece with midland not cashing checks,so they can add late fees, detroying checks sending late notices but then cashing them the next month,but still want late fees for their lame business practices this mob needs to be stopped,they mess your credit up to try and stop you from refinacing your home. NO ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEM.VETERANS AND CITIZENS DONT STAND A CHANCE.W/MIDLAND MORTGAGE

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