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Home was damaged in a wind storm in Sept. '04, claim adjuster did not show up unitl Oct. 04, and they have only realease $900 for a 4 years ago repair estimate. Midland is

refusing to release money for repairs in a timely manner.

Repair contractors that they sent out were unprofessional. When I inquired on my own for a contractor Midland stated that they were too expensive.

I would think that Midland would have more than one contractor that is capable of doing repairs to homes that they hold a mortgage on.

Unresponsive to numerous phone calls, customer service associates were rude.

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Midland does pull ***, I'm now going threw it and putting up a website on what they pull.And we always pay our mortage, I agree with HG (Jon works for Midland , plan and simple) I will post my website on here so others can join the fight against midlands bull ***, Midland is using insurance money to buy up other mortages and buying up storm damage homes, and I already called Washington DC and other watch dog groups, midland screwed with the wrong guy this time.DO NOT USE THEM, I'll be back on here.


Jon, you're a ***. I noticed you complaining on at least 2 different boards about how everyone else is an ***.

The truth is seems is that you are the ***. Either you work for the mortgage company or you give them hand jobs as a payment. In either case stop being *** and thinking you are better than everyone else, because most likely you are a pathetic, balding, aging *** who has memberships to several trans-gender *** sites.

How's that for making judgements about people? You p.o.s


She's more than likely in BK or Foreclosure. Basically, not a very trustworthy borrower and needs to take care of her stuff.

She needs to stop whining and do what her mortgage company says. Or, find her own contractor, get the work done and have the funds applied to her mortgage payments after the final inspection.

I hate people who don't give you all the information, especially when you know it will make them look bad instead of large/small company. Idiots!


was your loan delinquent?

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