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I received a summons today to appear in court for an arbitration hearing involving a company called Midland Funding LLC who is being represented by a law firm called Blatt Hasenmiller Leibsker & Moore. I have never heard of or received anything from these people.

In 2004, I had to give up my Chevy Blazer because I could no longer afford the payments due to unemployment. Wells Fargo was the title holder and they sold the vehicle for alittle over $7000, leaving a balance of alittle over $14000, this was on March 16, 2004. The summons is saying that that there was a balance of $20,694.25 on Feb 2, 2004 and this is the amount they are suing me for.

One, why are they suing me, when they've never even sent me a bill, and: Two, where did this 20694.25 come from when the receipt attatched to the summons clearly states "Total Amount of Deficiency $14338.83" Where did the other $6300 come from? Is there anything I can do about this? I understand the 14338, but what can I do about the information that appears inaccurate to me? As a full time student, I can't afford the 14K much less 20K!

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Now I know I'm not alone! I was sent a summons for court which stated that Midland Funding was the plaintiff.

I had no idea who these people were at all. I have no records of any debt owed - not to any Midland Funding and not in the amount they are saying I owe. I was the victim of identity theft by my ex wife several years ago and thought that was where this erroneous debt came from. When I tried to contact the lawyers representing this seemingly ghost company, they basically said tough, file a police report.

When I went to do that, I was asked when my ex wife had commited theft in my name. When I told them it was in 2002, they said the statute of limitations had run out and, although I could still file my report, not much could or would be done about it. A judgement was rendered on my behalf way back in 2002 when my ex had used my name in fraud and she was ordered to pay back all she had racked up in my name. Midland Funding was not named in this suit then.

I had never heard of them until now, when they are supposedly the plaintiffs in my case. Nothing has been on my credit report which reflects Midland or even the amount of debt. I am thoroughly perplexed! I do not want to get saddled with debt that is not mine, especially if it is a circumstance of having my ex steal my identity!

I have been told things like, 'consider yourself lucky, it could've been an even higher debt', 'any statutes of limitations have run out on your identity theft happenings', 'you will need to pay it now and then go on your own to find a way to get your money back', and even 'it's only 1054.00, you should just pay it to get them off your back'. What the heck?? Can someone just come up with a number and assign it to any old name, then take them to court and force them to pay?? I had no idea!!

I can't wait to pick out someone to help pay my bills! I could really use a couple of grand, now how should I find the unlucky person to pay it to me? The phone book? Maybe my neighbor?

Maybe Midland Funding could give me some pointers on how to get people to pay debt that is not theirs! Maybe a list I could buy from them filled with people who are willing to pay any old amount in seemingly made up debt. Ok, people, here it is. If you are reading this, you owe me $2,000.00.

You should pay me immediately or I'll sue you. If you don't know who I am and feel you don't owe me the money, you will need to pay it to me anyway and then go figure out how to get it back on your own. Good luck, and don't forget to send that check immediately to avoid my lawsuit!

Geez! What's this world coming to?


Today in the mail I got some debt relief lawer information saying I had court on the 11/15. I didn't get served ANY papers.

I have no clue what its for. Is there anything I can do?


Midland funding is suing me for a debt they bought from GEmoney. the original debt was made in 2005.

GEM charged off the in 2008. them a law firm started calling me to collect in 2008. i payed them for a few months then they wanted me to pay a lump sum, when i refused because wasnt able to pay the amount they wanted, they stoped calling. Then this month i was bombarded with letters from lawers wanting to represent me for a suit filed against me by Midland.

What do i do when i go to court to get the best results? They didnt attempt to collect how can they sue?

How can i find out what i really owe? HELP!!!!


i recived a court papers from midland foundation how do i find out who file this claim?


i got summoned for court today for a bill that midland llc . and i have no idea how to even answer the letter. help me .


Hello everyone :) After almost 1 year of helping people from this forum, I finally got my website up - DEFENDASUMMONS.com

Thank you everyone for your continued support! I encourage you to look around this forum for feedback and comments from those that have used my service. My website also has a link to my Facebook page where people can leave feedback. As always, I'm here to help. Looking forward to hearing from you! :)




I received a letter today from Midland as well. It was in regards to a collection that was settled back in 2007 and they are the third collection company since the settlement to have "bought" this collection.

If one collection company can't collect on it they turn around and sell it to another so make some kind of money off of it. I suggest that if you know that it is not / no longer your responsibility to pay I would contact 1. FTC (Fair Trade Commission) 1-877-FTC HELP to file a complaint on Midland, 2. File a dispute with Midland 1-800-825-8131 and 3.

get a lawyer if needed or gets to that point.

It's ridiculous how collections companies try to weasel money out of people but as a consumer we have rights that not a lot of people are aware of. See the FTC.gov under debt collection.


Summons by Midland served on me for a credit card debt for $605. The date of the debt on the paperwork is frm March 2002...8 and 1/2 years ago.

the papers were just filed 9/10/10. Shouldnt this be null and void due to the statute of limitations? I am disabled and on a very limited income.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.


Help me!


Went through a divorce a couple years ago and he was awarded all the debt except for a few little things. So why is this so called Midland Funding LLC contacting me?

Why are they filing a civil lawsuit against me? I don't even know who they are representing.

I have no idea what it is for. Could someone please contact me minniemer23@yahoo.com


Hi, I commented above, but it seems the email address did not come out correctly, I tried to copy and paste, but I guess it doesnt work that way. I will put Nick's email address below again.

If you are being sued/summoned by Midland funding and need some guidance, call him. He helped me alot, and he's a cool guy.

Nick - njscully@gmail.com


Hi everyone. I read the comments above and I can relate.

Midland funding was a headache that came to me out of no where,on a saturday afternoon. When i received the summons, I kept banging my head against a wall trying to figure out what I could do to get out of this *** mess. There were 2 things I knew 1. I did not want to pay this $7,000 they claim I owe.

and 2. I had to answer the summons, but I had no idea how. I was aware that our legal system is designed to fail its citizens by using certain terms, with specific definitions, and if you slipped up with the wrong word, you are, well, screwed. The average citizen can\'t fight his/her own case because how confusing the language is and it\'s not fair...but with proper research, I believe one could always protect themselves from injustice.

Anyway, I didn\'t have time to do all that research, so I did a bit of internet searching for help and to maybe clarify what kind of situation I was really in, and how to handle it, By the way, I was unemployed and had only a few bucks saved, so Im not one of those people who can just throw thousands of dollars in cash on the table and let a lawyer handle it. While searching for help I found Nick ( var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy87513 = 'njscully' + '@'; addy87513 = addy87513 + 'gmail' + '.' + 'com'; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy87513 ); document.write( '' ); ) at a site just like this one. He said he was familiar with this too, and could help me get through it. I called and discussed with him what was happening and he gave me the run down of what his services are.

It took me a while, but with 9 days left to answer my summons, I decided to let him help me and this was about 4 months ago. He helped me greatly with my answer and filing everything and I was able to get it all in one time. Since then, I have heard nothing from Midland. I\'m guessing they realized they weren\'t able to sucker me into paying them by threatening me with credit damage and so forth.

From what I have learned from this experience, and if I can understand all the documents correctly, they really only have a case if you give in to their threats, otherwise, they have no back up to prove themselves. To anyone having the same problem I did, please try to fight Midland, do not allow them to keep stealing money from people who don\'t know any better. Let\'s put them out of business. Like I said, I have no legal background or anything.

Nick helped me from beginning, he is very cool guy and easy to talk to. He will answer any of your concerns. I was kind of weirded out myself, becuase it\'s like, who can you trust now. When you want to find help, that\'s what you want, not to be swindled yet again.

So that\'s why it took me a while to decide to work with him, but I am glad I did. I thought about it and it felt right, and really, I had no other choice but to give into midland. Nick answered my concerns honestly and openly, and wasn\'t trying to hide anything. Like a said, a real cool guy.

If you need help, try contacting him--he might be able to help you. I am still waiting to see whats going to happen with this case, and I am pretty confident that this problem is being resolved. I\'ll keep you updated. Oh, here\'s Nicks info again.

See if he can help you. You must answer this summons, and there is a specific way to do it.Nick var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy87513 = 'njscully' + '@'; addy87513 = addy87513 + 'gmail' + '.' + 'com'; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy87513 ); document.write( '' );

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #166469

we had a corp.capitol one card number being used on line and we contacted capitol one to put a hold on the account,they did not until it went $1000 over limit and I told them we will not pay for any charges over the limit.I told them I would not pay them anything until they resolved the extra charges for over limit fees and also late fees.After fighting with them for 3 months they sold the account to midland and told us it is out of their hands and the account was closed and written off by them.They told me to contact midland because they own the account.The account was closed at $6500.00 midland contacted me and told me I owed the $7800.00 and at 49% interest compounded daily and the late fees were 14% of the total amount.the guy said if I refuse to pay the amount will grow to over $100,000.00 and then they will take my home and leave me homeless.They put the amount on my corp credit report and also my personal credit report,my wife's credit report and that's not all it is on my 2 sons personal credit reports.They say because the are stock holders in our corp.They told me even if I pay them off,the corp has to pay them and my wife has to pay them and my 2 sons also,that is $7800.00 X 5 = $39,000.00 They say until everyone settles the debt the amount on the credit reports stay and that's for a $6500.00 capitol one debt that has not been written off the credit report.They call my work 4 times a day and the calls come from ontario canada but their address is PA and CA. I think it is a mail drop.


I found a case filed against me by Midland Funding LLC on our State Judiciary Website. I had no idea who they were and have had no contact from them previously.

After contacting them they told me that it was for a Citibank card and gave me the full account number(which doesn't show on my credit report history). They refused to send me a copy of what was filed and told me too just pay it off as quickly as possible.

I searched many websites and thankfully found Nick(njscully@gmail). He has been extremely helpful. He's definitely reassured me and has given me peace of mind.

He was able to contact the court clerk and find out that Proof of Service has not been filed so no hearing date has been set. He advised me to wait this out until July.

Good luck everyone...I will post updates on the future outcome.


I got a letter from Mid. Fund.LLc Says I have to go to Gwinnett County cause some rinky *** company is suing me from 2004. Why should I go there when I live in Troup County anyway?


I sent you an email Ziz.


I too would like to know who they are. I smell a RAT.

Who is interested in a Class Action suit against Midland Fumbling.

I am serious. You can contact me at zizinyc@hotmail.com


I jut found out that Midland is also suing my 81 year old mother who has dementia. This is over a bill I paid in full almost 5yrs ago.

It started as a $10.00 amount and now is over $300.00. My mother also never received anything in the mail until a year and a half after the account was paid in full. These people are crazy.

They do not put people on notice so to build up interest and then out of the blue notify them of a remaining balance on an account that has been paid in full and closed. They will not get anything out of my mother because she does not own anything and her SS is barely enough to pay for her meds.


I have denied the debt in writing, now what? :sigh


I was out of the country and didnt receive the summons. So, have they won by default? What are my options if I have any?

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