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I received a summons today to appear in court for an arbitration hearing involving a company called Midland Funding LLC who is being represented by a law firm called Blatt Hasenmiller Leibsker & Moore. I have never heard of or received anything from these people.

In 2004, I had to give up my Chevy Blazer because I could no longer afford the payments due to unemployment. Wells Fargo was the title holder and they sold the vehicle for alittle over $7000, leaving a balance of alittle over $14000, this was on March 16, 2004. The summons is saying that that there was a balance of $20,694.25 on Feb 2, 2004 and this is the amount they are suing me for.

One, why are they suing me, when they've never even sent me a bill, and: Two, where did this 20694.25 come from when the receipt attatched to the summons clearly states "Total Amount of Deficiency $14338.83" Where did the other $6300 come from? Is there anything I can do about this? I understand the 14338, but what can I do about the information that appears inaccurate to me? As a full time student, I can't afford the 14K much less 20K!


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to allisun Foley, Alabama, United States #704768

These scums buckets have tried to sue me for years also.I am finally ready to go to war.

I am taking your advice and contacting someone in the group you mentioned.I sure hope I don't get stiffed !

to allisun #708364

what is the name of your pal's attorney??

to Anonymous Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #840137

Most consumer attorneys do not charge their clients.You can locate a list of consumer lawyers in your area at www.naca.net.

My firm, Paramount Law, handles lawsuit against Midland Funding in Oklahoma.http://youtu.be/Sg2zhj4KD_w



for more info.


From personal experience if we are referring to a Mr. Blatt (of Margolis, Pritzker, etc) this guy is a low life. class action in his near future.


Was notified by my employer that Midland Funding LLC is having my wages garnished, never even heard of these people.Find out something was filed in court here in LA, but I never received anything.

What can I do to stop this?I don't know of anyone I owe $3200.00, and I know I don't owe it to Midland Funding LLC.

to Dawn Houston, Texas, United States #663471

Midland Funding goes under a lot of names, what they do to rack up your amount owed is they set up 2 or more companies with different names, & they buy your debt from a company, & keep it for a bit, than they tack on all this interest & than sell it to a sister company so they are really not really out of any money, but they say there is a fee for everything because they sell it, but come on it is a sister company so there are no incurred expenses. Than they keep selling it back & forth & that is how you end up owing them a ton of money. They even go after you through several of their companies in hopes that you will pay your one debt up to 3 or more times, file bankruptcy do not give them a dime, it is a *** company that does things legally but in a *** way because the consumer does not know how to handle debt collectors do your research on them

to Emma #708372

you have the legal right to look up your states laws on notifications and require the other party to show evidentiary proof of service.I have won 3 times in court under there alias and am preparing a law suit for deformation of credit and character!

war is on you need to do the same and start fighting back!

It is fraud to claim they are "representing" a company when in fact they purchased the debt!The collection amount can be fought down to there purchase amount or if damage has been done reverse liability!


How can midland funding sue me for back taxes in 2007 in michigan when they weren't licensed to practice in mnichigan?


who or what is Midland Funding LLC?

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