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I received a summons today to appear in court for an arbitration hearing involving a company called Midland Funding LLC who is being represented by a law firm called Blatt Hasenmiller Leibsker & Moore. I have never heard of or received anything from these people.

In 2004, I had to give up my Chevy Blazer because I could no longer afford the payments due to unemployment. Wells Fargo was the title holder and they sold the vehicle for alittle over $7000, leaving a balance of alittle over $14000, this was on March 16, 2004. The summons is saying that that there was a balance of $20,694.25 on Feb 2, 2004 and this is the amount they are suing me for.

One, why are they suing me, when they've never even sent me a bill, and: Two, where did this 20694.25 come from when the receipt attatched to the summons clearly states "Total Amount of Deficiency $14338.83" Where did the other $6300 come from? Is there anything I can do about this? I understand the 14338, but what can I do about the information that appears inaccurate to me? As a full time student, I can't afford the 14K much less 20K!

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who or what is Midland Funding LLC?


I missed a summoms date due to being out of the state and did not get home until after the 20 day deadline. Not I have received a notice of intent to take default.

I have prepared a debt collercor disclosure statement to send to Midland. What is my next step?

I'm on SS disability, so I know they can't take that money out of my checking account. Thanks

to Birdie Craig Houston, Texas, United States #663474

Midland targets people who have moved & who they know they can not get a hold of because legally they have to attempt to contact you, but if they can not find you, they can move forward to take legal action, they are a company who knows the law, if they contact you deny that it is your account even if it is, just so that they can pass it on to another debt collector, a better one that will be honest with you at least or file bankruptcy


i don,t know what to do,,, i just started with this company, since city mortage got rid of me, but i have not received any call, from this people, i started to worry because my first payment with them, i was late, an they send me a letter, then they just ignored me, i need an advice, can i change to aother company??


I just a letter in the mail telling me that a lawsuit was filed on me Feb, 2 2012 by Midland Funding LLC in the amount of $8,820.45. I am an disable man since 2005.

I am still disable and can not work. Now I know I could not pay for a credit card do to my income drop. I only make 1600 a month from my disable check.

I do not recall any of my credit cards being that high. What do I do?


Sent a letter stating I owe $2,041.65. I don\'t owe any money to this place, because after my divorce I filed bankruptcy and haven\'t bought anything in 7 years that had to be financed!!!! This has to be bogus!


Midland Funding is a very shady operation..they had my social security number and name and the wrong address. I was suppose to be sent a 1099C form and they "say" they sent it to the address they had...funny...the address wasn't mine and they couldn't tell me who the address belonged to and I was never notified of anything, therefore I got a bill saying I owed the IRS over six hundred dollars.

When I told them I now see what a shady operation with poor communication they had, they said that my debt was finally paid and I wouldn't be getting any further notices from them. Funny how I made several points to them and they all of a sudden say I won't be getting any further notices from them.

to ss #663477

They did the same thing to me, I contacted them several times & they finally sent the 1099c, after settling debt with them they reported the difference to the IRS as income, so I paid it to the IRS, they never are honest enough, and they sneak this 1099c on you, they never told me about it, I did not even know what it was until I received it.


Do anyone no the number to this midland funding

to Ishawanna allen Oak Harbor, Washington, United States #643268

541-342-2276 this is the lawyers number out of oregon here is the number I found for midland 800-265-8825 ...good luck


I just received 4 letters from various attorneys in the KC area stating I'm being sued by Midland Funding, but I've haven't received anything stating this. I got a letter several months ago stating I owed a debt to them.

I wrote on it that I have NEVER even heard of them and I wouldn't pay the debt because of this. Got a 2nd letter- said the same thing. How can I find out more details?

I don't want to call these yahoos because I don't want them calling & harrassing me later on. I can't afford to have my income garnished-barely getting by as it is!

to Tammy #963898

As soon as you receive any letters from debt collectors or Attorneys re. old debts, you must send them a debt validation letter (google it).

They have to prove you owed the debt to Bank and then prove they bought the debt from Bank.

If they cannot do that, they should not contact you again. Check out http://www.LoanErase.com for the best help on credit card debt

Good Luck!


There is a statute of limitations in every state for debts. California is 7 years; some states are as few as 4 years.

You do have rights and one of those rights is you have the right to deal with only the original creditor which has already written you off.

I recently have been served a summons by Midland Funding and the original creditor is 12 years ago! I'm furious and I think there should be a class action against Midland Funding and their *** should be sued til they never see the light of day and they are forced to close their despicable business.




So...over the weekend I received an actual "NOTICE OF INVOLUNTARY LIEN" on my real property from L.A.county courthouse. Was stressing over the stated debt in question. I recently began the process of rebuilding my credit after messing it up in my early 20's. The debt was for $9945.00 smackers...I had no idea what this was since it did not appear on my credit report 1 month ago.

Long story short, I called these guys to get more info... after a few questions going back n fourth it was revealed that they had made a mistake and sent it to the wrong person! It had my name and address but SSN did not match. She told me to disregard. I gladly discarded!!! :D

My question is: How could a high ranking legal rep "Judge" allow the Lien to have been created in the first place? Don't they double check to see if the info is accurate?? What a bunch of B.S.!!!!


Midland is coming after me in court for a debt that is not mine. Same name, but wrong address, wrong phone number and wrong social security number on the original debt!

I thought the judge would immediately throw it since the SSN is wrong and since I have a perfect credit rating going back over 20 years with not a single late payment, EVER. Nope, still going to court.

to James #963900

Send a certified mail saying it is a case of mistaken identity! You have a different SS# and that you would be glad to mail proof of your SS# to the clerk!


If you are served a Summons, go to court and respond that you do not owe the money, when you go to Court the Court appointed referee will try to convince you to pay, SAY NO... and file a Discovery with the courts, advise the court at that time so Midlands lawyer will hear this, and they will drop the suit because they have nothing to respond to.

they purchase debt that the original debtor has written off (charged off) and sold to Midland for pennies on the dollar, when they call you threaten to sue them if they call again, also in writing request documents including the contract to agree to pay, they dont have it...

I am sueing them for reporting to the credit agencies that I owe them money. There is no contract between you and Midland...Hold your ground and do not pay or agree to pay.


so, i finally received a copy of the letter stating the judgement against me from my employer. midland funding is garnishing my pay never received anything from the courts.

paperwork is filed in a county i haven't lived in for 3 years. is this all legal?

to damunk668 Orlando, Florida, United States #643600

filed paperwork in the county i use to live in. few weeks later looked at my pay stub and got all the money back that midland had garnished :grin

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