Business Contact and ProfileName: Midland Mortgage Co.Phone: (800) 654-4566Fax: (405) 943-8258Address: MidFirst Plaza501 NW Grand, Suite 600Oklahoma City, OK 73126Website: www.midfirst.com


Original Business Start Date: September 1950Principal: Mr. Ken R. Clark, President Midland Mortgage Co.Customer Contact: Mr. Ken R. Clark, President Midland Mortgage Co.Employees: 400Type of Business: Banks, MortgagesBBB Accreditation: This organization is a BBB Accredited business.Additional DBA Names: Midland Financial Co.Midfirst Bank and affiliatesThe Midland GroupMidFirst Plaza Leasing & ManagementMidFirst Trust Co.MidFirst Insurance Agency

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Products and ServicesThis company offers banking services including mortgage and other finance services.

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Business ManagementAdditional company management personnel include:Mr. G. Jeffrey Records Jr. - ChairmanMr. Robert F. Dilg Jr. - President MidFirst BankMr. Todd Dobson - Chief Financial Officer

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Additional Phone NumbersTel: (405) 426-1235Tel: (405) 426-1204Tel: (405) 426-1221Tel: (405) 767-7455Tel: (888) 358-5626Tel: (405) 717-3800Tel: (405) 943-8002Tel: (405) 767-7000Tel: (800) 835-6964Additional Fax NumbersFax: (405) 767-7510

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Anyone looking SPECIFICALLY for Vicki Peters, her direct number is: (405) 426-1221.

Island Park, New York, United States #664669

I lost my home due to Hurricane Sandy.January 2013 I received all payments from insurance company and submitted to Midland Mortgage, along with all documentation that was requested.

After submitting the documentation and sent MY checks, I never heard from them. I kept following up on a weekly basis. The response was. We never received it.

I would ask for am email so that I could forward the information again.According to Midland they did not have email addresses. If, that was the case. How come I was able to submit the information prior to calling over and over again. Its now June 2013 and Midland is still sitting with $88,000 of my money.

I have had three inspections to my property and each time. i have to fight with them to release funds. I have been without a home since October 2012, lost one contractor in the process and has created debt for myself because I am using my credit cards to purchase appliances, bathroom tiles, vanities, kitchen cabinets. etc.

I lost EVERYTHING! my house had to be gutted. Every phone call has been documented and will start taping conversations going forward. I have had to borrow money to keep my contractor.

In the process, been sleeping on the floor with my belongings in tubs while paying for a home that I don't live in and paying rent and a POD. Today I called because Midland stated they would only release $14,000 of MY money because the house is only 75% complete. No one could give me an answer as...

No care in the world about me moving back into my home. They have been collecting interest on my money since January 2013. I have gone to ABC news who ran my story and will follow up with them again.

When this is over.I will sue them.

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to davickasingh #732251

Good the mortgage companies need to be exposed. The mortgage companies hide behind the claim of protecting their interest insuring the contractor is doing their job...who's protecting the homeowner and contractor from the mortgage company who frequently holds money far in excess of the insured mortgage balance.


I have been trying to collect my insurance check since Feb and every time I call, they want different documentation.It seems there is always a reason for why they can't release the money.

I am to the point of wanting to fly to Oklahoma and meet with the CEO.This company is seriously up to something unethical and I am refinancing as soon as I finish with this claim.


I too have had problems with Midland and actually am shopping a different mortgage company.I had roofing work done and State Farm had to issue the payment checks to myself and Midland.

They have been sitting on these checks for well over a month and have received everything they've asked for. They claim that although the total for the checks add up exactly to the total of the claim, they can't figure out specifically what each check is for, despite the fact that we've told them. I believe that these are minimum wage workers with attitude problems, no math skills, and power issues. I still owe the roofer, the painter, the inside construction worker, etc.

They don't seem to give a darn and so my next move is to contact Aarp and also my local tv stations. I believe that at least someone may want to do an expose on this. Who knows?

In the meantime, I'm going to make their lives as miserable as they make mine and everyone else's .I'm also going to contact a lawyer.


So it is not posted above, but Midland Mortgage has an A+ rating with the BBB.The BBB does not just hand those out randomly.

The issues with the insurance checks is standard practice for mortgage companies. They have to protect their investment on the property, so when an insurance claim is filed any checks are made payable to the mortgagor and the mortgage company. Then the mortgage company pays out as the work is completed, usually at 25%, 75% and completely finished. They require information on the contractors to be sure everything is on the up and up and that the mortgagor is not just pocketing the insurance money and not doing the repairs.

Insurance fraud is a HUGE problem. They also require inspections to be done, again to make sure the work is actually being completed.

It can be a lengthy process, but if the mortgagor submits all the required documentation promptly, the process is completed much more quickly.Most delays are in fact caused by the mortgagor, not the mortgage company.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #705560

***, google BBB 20/20 investigation and you will see you can buy that rating


Wow!I see we are not the only ones who are treated with complete disrespect and dishonesty by Midland.

We have had 3 insurance claims in two years in which the checks were issued to Midland and us. We did NOT choose Midland. We never found out about the transaction until it was all done. We work very hard so that all our bills can be taken care of in a timely manner...that is very important to us.

We are, as a matter of fact, almost 2 months ahead in our house payements. But now we have been forced to borrow money, ask our contractors to wait for almost 10 month. This has damaged our reputation as in small towns contractors talk to each other. Plus we've ended up doing repairs ourselves because contractors can't afford to wait 10 months for payment and then waiting for 2 months to have Midland complete an inspection.

What is really frustrating is we are told we will receive a check on a certain date and it never arrives...then I get a phone call saying they need this or that form. We've sent forms and information at least 3 times for each piece of paper we've sent. In addition, they inform us they do NOT put insurance money in an interest bearing account. They charge interest but don't pay interest on MY money...because we are the ones who pay the insurance ...not Midland.

Now, I found out they are harassing my insurance agent. When will this end?

All we want is our insurance money returned to us in a timely manner.Midland would...

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We recently made a claim with Midland and Sterling insurance.The insurance company (forced insurance from Midland) completed thier part in a timely manner.

THEN... Midland did not send the check to us for a month. They wanted detailed paperwork from contractors, plumber, etc. We have the check made out to us and Midland and they want us to sign it and send back to them so they can pay us in increments.

Why? So, Midland can draw interest on our money? We paid the insurance premiums. It is to fix our house.

We want to make it nicer than it was before. How is this a problem for Midland?

Well, apparently it is.I am planning on contacting an attorney and we are NOT signing this check and sending it back to them.


I had damage done to the inside of my house.Around $14,000 in which the insurance co.

sent a check made out to Midland Morgage and myself. I sign the check and sent it to Midland Morgage. I have been paying workers and buying materal for the job. I've had their inspector at the house he took pictures.

These were sent to the bank by him. I've sent receipts to them plus what I have paid for the labor...I have received two check for the materal that I have bought, that is it I guess that labor is not to be paid for. I had three people working for me for 16 day, 8 hours a day a totle of 384 hours, and that doesn't even count the hours that I put in. This has all came out of my savings but don't worry Midland Morgage still has all of the money from that check from the insurance co.

except about $2,000. Oh, yes my morgage is paid up.

And they want to do another inspection, but when are you going to take care of the last inspection we had.And pay me back on what I've paid out in labor

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