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I just received an $895.03 from them for a credit card that was paid off and cancelled in 2003! Go to

There are some very good letter suggestions to send to Midland Funding and whatever Law office it's being referred to. I have not received one piece of correspondence about this credit card since I paid it off in 2003, however the card was opened in 2001. Isn't it ironic that it is 7 years to the day, almost, that I opened that card and they're trying to trick me into sending them money? I believe it takes 7 years for a debt to come off a persons credit.

They're trying to get money from me figuring I forgot that it was paid off.


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Goldsboro, Maryland, United States #23289

I opened my door this morning and I found a Court Summons regarding a debt to midland funding llc for breach of contract with an UNNAMED vendor. They want 1550.00 ASAP or else.

In 2003 I had heart surgery and become disabled, have not work or apply for credit since. Might be a credit card from long before that. My BP is so high I can barely think. Please advise, do I answer?

can not afford atty.

one thing caught my eye,

Court summons in Los Angeles have to show your SS#, this has my married name, not used in the last 26 years and no SS#, also servers have to hand this papers to you. I really don't understand and lost as what to do.

Thank you

Margaretville, New York, United States #14181

anyone gets anythng from this company please refer to for info regarding this company and there illegal debt collection practices

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