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Had them 20 yrs no problem whatsoever Selling soon and hope they finance my next home. Add comment

I started sending all the required paper work for an insurance claim in March 23, 2016 today is April 15 and I'm still having problems getting the insurance check issued so the contractor can get the work completed. Nobody seems to know what they are doing everyday the need something new. I feel like I'm dealing with kids in middle school going trough some type of training. 1 more year to deal with the worse mortgage company in the U.S. I just wish they would really train there people correctly. It shouldn't take 4 weeks to issue anything at... Read more

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These are the worst mortgage company that I have dealt with. I wish I could change brokers. If you ever have to use a mortgage please do.not use these people. Add comment

Trying to get an assumption finished Rachel Babin refused to talk to me . I want corrected action today. They keep asking for the same info again and again . I have spent many attorney fees because of one dept Will not talk to another dept. How much longer do I have to put up with this left hand don't know what the right hand is doing? Do I have to file a harrashment suit against Midland mortage. Read more

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porfavor agradeseria informasion sobre mi propiedad dieccion 3712 penny ln carrollton tx 75007 mi nombre juan alvarez espino estoy fuera del pais hace 7 años no se la verdad deje un poder ami hijastra claudia traver par administrarla porfavor mandarme ami correo mail que transasion fue hecha y cuanto se devia si se hizo en el momento de alguna venta agrdeseria enviarme informacion ami correo sosial security 633-42-9405 porfavor quiero saber los pasos de venta cuanto se devian sobre la hipotecaen el... Read more

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My husband recently died and we had a warranty deed with joint ownership. It is a VA granutee loan, loan is in his name.. I was sent assumption papers and now they are nit picking. My drivers linseces has my birth last name and married name. They are asking for a government document with my married and birth name at my physical home address. This is *** and I am considering taking legal action against them, it is discrimanation and I contact the mortgage unfair housing department. Read more

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This House is located at 126 Worden Ave Nedrow NY and is being sold by the Oklahoma Mortgage division. It is being sold by and it has people living in it paying nobody for rent. I was the highest bidder but they wanted 2500.00 wired to them and still was no guarantee that Midland mortgage would accept it. I want to know why this company lets people live here for free and expects the winner of the auction to get rid of them. is not a good company either and try contacting them is a joke. One big problem is you cannot see... Read more

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Keep great records and IF you have to mail your payments, send them CERTIFIED to Midland Mortgage. They will hold your payments so that you're late. Also, they will claim that you have missed payments when they have clearly cashed your checks. Very fraudulent company. Add comment

I have been working on my modification for awhile now but still end up going in circle each time I send them my paper work and talk to them I end up sending the damm same information again. Beside each time I call I Always end up with different person and ask the same *** question and just for modification they want to check all my credits report like I was buying the home.. If those *** *** people don't want to help just say so instead sitting on they *** and make fun on people that are in need of help and if that happen to them they would... Read more

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You need to update your website I'm putting in the correct information and you keep telling me is wrong I have my information wrote down I keep putting in and you keep telling me it's wrong I have had trouble out of your bank since you bought my loan and at one time I requested that you sold my loan and it was never sold Add comment

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