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This House is located at 126 Worden Ave Nedrow NY and is being sold by the Oklahoma Mortgage division. It is being sold by and it has people living in it paying nobody for rent. I was the highest bidder but they wanted 2500.00 wired to them and still was no guarantee that Midland mortgage would accept it. I want to know why this company lets people live here for free and expects the... Read more

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Keep great records and IF you have to mail your payments, send them CERTIFIED to Midland Mortgage. They will hold your payments so that you're late. Also, they will claim that you have missed payments when they have clearly cashed your checks. Very fraudulent company. Add comment

I have been working on my modification for awhile now but still end up going in circle each time I send them my paper work and talk to them I end up sending the damm same information again. Beside each time I call I Always end up with different person and ask the same *** question and just for modification they want to check all my credits report like I was buying the home.. If those *** ***... Read more

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You need to update your website I'm putting in the correct information and you keep telling me is wrong I have my information wrote down I keep putting in and you keep telling me it's wrong I have had trouble out of your bank since you bought my loan and at one time I requested that you sold my loan and it was never sold Add comment

Hello there. We have paid in full, yet you keep sending threatening letters that our house will be re-possessed. This is odd, since every time we call to contest these letters, you say everything is "fine," and you'll "take care of it." Our tax attorney will take care of you. Keep it up. Add comment

Midland Mortgage not processing online payment to bank. Calling me at home after their office is closed telling me my bill is past due and I needed to pay a late fee. I check my bank, at no time were funds not available to pay the mortgage payment. I feel this is just another way to get more money. what a rip-off. They did this to me twice in the last four months. Do not use this company for your... Read more

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I opted to make insurance premium payments as along with my mortgage each month. I pay my mortgage each month on time so I was completely shocked when I received a letter in the mail advising me that my homeowners insurance had been canceled due to non-payment. Thinking this had to be a mistake I contacted the insurance company directly and they informed me that they have reached out to Midland... Read more

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Had storm damage due to tornado and their name as well as mine came on insurance check.Could not get them to endorse check and send it back instead they wanted to control my insurance money and give it to me as they saw I needed it.I have payed that insurance for nine years not them they should have absolutely no say so over the money or who I get to do repairs! They are a crooked company and I... Read more

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for the past 9 years I have been trying to Remodify my mortgage through Midland always been denied for some reason two years ago they foreclose on my home locked me out but the house up for sheriff sale they will not give me a letter releasing me from the house now the town is finding me putting out warrants for me because of lack of maintenance around the house I've been dealing with this for... Read more

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My payments have been going up every year since they took over my mortage i hate i wasn't told i had a new mortage lender they are the worst. Read more

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